Sunday, June 02, 2013

No room in the shul :( , & other unpleasant news

Upon arriving for Shacharit (Morning Service) today, I was dismayed to discover that every single meeting space in the entire synagogue building was either rented or being used for Thrift Shop storage, and that our Shacharit had been relegated to the postage-stamp-sized inner office.  I refuse to subject myself to the indignity of davvening (praying) in a room so small that I'd practically be sitting on someone's lap, so I turned around and went home, where I davvened bi-y'chidut (alone).  It pains me that keeping the doors of this dying congregation open seems to necessitate occasionally locking out the congregants.  :(

Sorry, no Celebrate Israel parade, concert, or soccer game report here :(
You'll have to get your Celebrate Israel news from another source--I'm still too debilitated from the stupid cold that I've had since last Sunday to risk the long walk from and back to the subway, the hours of standing, and/or lengthy exposure to the heat.  It would also be too frustrating to go to the parade unable to sing or cheer.

Ooo, cool--you can watch live video of the parade here!

I certainly hope I get my voice back by next Shabbat (Sabbath), which is Shabbat Rosh Chodesh (Head of the Month).  I love to sing Hallel, and I also have a haftarah to chant.


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